Friends of ARK Park are enormously grateful to be able to use our beautiful public parks.

We believe it is ALL our Responsibility to Keep our Parks clean.

So we make a commitment

  1. Take everything with us when we leave our parks (derrrrrr)
  2. Spend 5 minutes each time we use a park to enhance it. Namely, by picking up the rubbish of FARK-ers (Forgetful Arrogant Rubbish Klowns)
  3. Share this concept with All

Become an ARK Park-er, make the commitment, and register to show your support … and help keep our parks beautiful.

Don’t be a dumb FARK-er be a smart ARK Park-er.

Download the official ARK Park logo to share on your site to show that you are an ARK Park-er and you care.

Share your commitment on Instagram @ArkPark_Sydney